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And Kubuntu to you too . . .

Just spent a happy afternoon installing Kubuntu on this laptop.. Quite an easy process, it worked well and I am pleased with the result. But then . . . !

Last evening I went to fire up and got all sorts of black screens which eventually landed me at a screen like a terminal screen and at the entry point it said, enigmatically - "initramfs". Not being a techie I thought I might have to reinstall Kubuntu, but this was in any case impossible as I could not persuade the laptop to boot up from the USB containing the programme. Everything ended at "initramfs". Out of interest and desperation, I fired up my other laptop running Linux Mint and searched on initramfs, and as so often happens got lots of answers. Eventually, today, after following through the instructions in one such answer I got the Kubuntu programme installation repaired and here we are typing away. With computers, you never stop learning.