Day 94 – Some Coronavirus advice

Dilbert by Scott Adams, 18 June 2020

Today Mrs. Sturgeon has given a longish address to the Scottish Parliament – a longer version of her daily briefing – in which she has set out very clearly and patiently the next phase or phases of the slow lifting of restrictions on movement and meeting etc. They are significant for those concerned and demonstrate clear thinking by those involved and a clear understanding of what has happened to certain classes of people. Boris Johnson would never, and could never give an address such as this, he would either go to sleep, or else chuck it all away halfway through and revert to “PM Questions mode” in the hope of cheers and braying from his supporters. Mrs. Sturgeon, in her quiet way is a leader, Boris Johnson is not and will never be. Had he been required to read out Mrs. Sturgeon’s speech he wouldn’t have understood it and it would have made no sense.

Meanwhile, Scott Adams, as usual gives his version of the situation in Dilbert’s own inimitable way.

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