Day 52 – Photos

Photo of red poppy against greenery.
Red Poppy and its seed heads half buried in a Buddlleia shrub.
The mysterious ability of the modern mobile phone to take photos when you are not looking . . .
Since we cannot get out to places here is our own blue bell wood.
The Azalea continues to bloom and brighten everything up.
Runner Beans doing their best in a mixture of warm days and cold nights.
“Scarlet Emperor”
Tulips – going over a bit now, but still some buds waiting to come out.
Honesty plant.
Honesty plant helping to disguise the compost bins.
Rhododendron bud opening and showing pink . . .
Rhododendron bud opening turning white with pink still showing . . .
Rhododendron bud – fully open – “whiter than white”.

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