Day 43 – Human Voices, what are they . . . ?

Not our neighbour – A Screwfix advertising model !

Out in the garden today I could hear the intermittent noise of a something being switched on and off at regularly irregular intervals. Electric drill ? Strimmer ? Lawn Mower ? some type of builder’s apparatus as yet unknown to me ? Being only able to hear in one ear only, and that via a hearing aid, I have no idea when these noises break out, not only of what they are, but where they are, so as I move around, or move around in search of them, I can generally guess where to find them by their volume. Today’s interruption of the even tenor of my ways was, I found caused by our next door neighbour cutting his hedges with one of those long extensions that enable the cutter to reach up to a very considerable height. The last time I saw him he was up a ladder doing window cleaning the other side of the hedge and I unthinkingly and instinctively spoke to him. I am so afraid that if some one knows or senses that you are there but not saying anything they might get offended. However, at the moment we are supposed to be limiting our conversational efforts, but I comfort myself with the thought that any coronavirus bugs I fired at him will (hopefully) have got stuck in the hedge. I think he was actually more than the stipulated 6 feet away anyway.

Not long after this the noise level went up by many decibels and I could detect that what I was now hearing was human voices, so I went and peeped around the corner of the house and found the window cleaner deep in conversation with our neighbour. I hurriedly withdrew, but not before I had quickly ascertained that he wanted paying as usual, so I went in and got out his money from our fast dwindling supply, and prepared to take it outside. My OH immediately got very agitated about this, but having made what she deemed to be suitable isolation arrangements I was allowed to go out of the front door and place his money on an old chair which we have put there for such purposes.

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