Day 21 – An Unexpected Event

No, not coronavirus, but Sciatica. I got up as normal last Thursday but very quickly began to get what I thought was a repeat of lower back pain last experienced some three or for years ago. The treatment then was Cocodamol and heat. I knew I had Cocodamol tablets left over from that time, but Lo ! when we checked them they were some months out of date.

Thus we had to use them while we contacted the Medical Centre, now closed because of the virus, got a telephone appointment set up with the Doc who issued a new prescription, and we got our willing cleaning lady – now stood down for the duration – to go and collect them, which she did speedily. This is where, when and how you find out who your friends are.

The Sciatica was at times extremely painful and quite different from the lower back pain of last time. it centred on my left pelvis at the sacroiliac joint and I could not bear to have that side of my pelvis touching anything. So, it was lay on my right side, or not at all. As time went by so the pain spread down my left leg, was worst of all in the shin, but stopped abruptly just above the ankle. Last evening I ventured into the living room and sat in my chair for a time, but paid for it at the end with another agony session. Today has been a lot better and I have been up and about more often. I have tried using the heat pad again, but it didn’t seem to do any good on this occasion.  So, let’s hope the worst is over and I can get back to some sort of “normal” by the end of the week. Its one way to take your mind off the endless virus news which is mostly unproductive and often leads to confusion – which enables the commentators to comment adversely upon “the confusion surrounding the advice”.

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