Day 50 – Relief Convoy Arrives

Tesco Delivery Van – from Google Images – not the one that came to us.

The relief convoy arrived this morning ” between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm”- bang on 11.00 o’clock. The door bell rang, but by the time I got to the door the delivery driver was already unloading. We exchanged the obligatory thumbs up through the windows and he signalled, “was this spot OK ?” to which I signalled back “better that best”, and he got on with the job. We noticed that he had a new and smart van with a “19” registration, a general compartment at the front and two insulated or refrigerated compartments at the back. We think now that when our first delivery went wrong it was probably because the driver on that day forgot one bag of stuff in one of those compartments because it tallies approximately with what was missing.

Anyone watching us take the stuff in would have thought that we were either feeding an army, or stockpiling like mad, and the Tesco bill says the same, but in reality it represents what we would have bought by personal visits at the big Tesco in Castle Douglas plus lesser shops in Kirkcudbright, and probably overall tots up to less than we would normally buy because some things just are not available, or the Tesco order form tops out at 80 items. Sometimes a pack, like 4 cartons of apple juice counts as one item, but at other times if you order three of something it gets totted up as three items. At all events we shall not starve for the next week or two and our “locked down” life jogs on as normal.

* * * * *

Some time ago, on 4th April, I blogged about a sharp attack of sciatica which I had. I was painfully laid up for some days although taking Cocodamol was a great help and enabled me to sleep well. But after some time the effects of the Cocodamol began to tell, I got dreadfully constipated (OK, you didn’t want to know that, but it is the sad effect of the morphine which is created from the Codeine). Life continued but I began over time to have a recurrence of whay was diagnosed as “Gastritis” some years ago and for which I dose myself with Omeprazole*. This continued for some days and got really miserable. Bicarbonate of Soda did not good, Rennies helped a bit, but nothing would sort it. One evening my OH said, ” There is some of that homemade coleslaw left in the fridge if you want it for your tea ?” Feeling a bit doubtful abut the effect so raw vegetables on my upset stomach, I ate it. And, Lo ! My discomfort eased almost immediately. Encouraged, I had some more to eat. And, dear reader, I have continued in this vein and my discomforts have ceased ! On reflection I think that because we are sitting around, or pottering about in the garden, most days I have tended not to eat, except at our one daily meal, and my problems were good old fashioned hunger – so now I know what “hunger pangs are”. The side effects of this coronavirus shut down are quite unexpected.

*Omeprazole : strictly according to the dosage prescribed by our respective GPs.

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