Day 98 – Sit tight and try to keep busy

The Knitting Lesson, Arthur Hacker, 1858 – 1919

We continue in self isolation. Messages from the Westminster Government are either unclear, infrequent or openly mocked and derided for their obscurity or inaccuracy so are of little help or use to anyone. The Scottish Government on the other hand is much clearer and tries to tackle the problem of the many many and varying circumstances of its citizens so that Mrs. Sturgeon’s briefings can be long winded – not because she has verbal diarrhoea – but because there is so much to be covered. The media are pretty useless as usual because if for example, Mrs. Surgeon, gives her daily briefing they are much more interested in attacking her (shooting the messenger) often claiming that there are hidden messages in there somewhere about independence for Scotland, than they are about repeating and clarifying for their readership the important things they should be taking in.

Nevertheless we soldier on, as the citizenry always have to do. Self isolaters are pretty much left to their own devices, those shielding are instructed to stay put until further notice, many go out and about trying to follow the guidelines and wearing face masks, while others (see President Trump) think that they are immune to the things that befall ordinary people, and do precisely what they like without regard to picking up the virus, or whether they might transmit it to others. For them the old notion of “love thy neighbour” is unknown (quite possibly never taught) as is “do unto others as you wold have them do unto you”. Our solution, pending further informed advice, is to stay put and carry on.

We notice, or think we notice, that it is getting easier to book a delivery time with Tesco which I attribute without proof to the probability that more people are now returning to shopping by actually visiting the store and so are not using the delivery service so much. Here we tried out a delivery from Ferry Fish at Carsluith and have been pleased with the result. We have had fresh crab, cod fillets and smoked mackerel so far, and the rest is awaiting use in the freezer.

My picture above where the old lady is knitting while her companion watches closely is a sort of cameo of our life for the last 98 days. We don’t actually knit, but the principle is the same. Sit tight and try to keep busy.

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