Windows Wobbles . . .

The great depression anticipated by the Met Office seems to have passed us by with no more rain or wind than we get at any other time – less in fact. At 3.00 pm we have had a sunny morning with occasional spit spats of rain on the window, and as I write a dark patch of cloud is making its way north to south but only producing a few drops of rain at most. The most annoying thing today is that this laptop announced that there is a “feature update” for Windows 10 available – number 1903. “1903” means it should have been ready in March (2019, third month) but it wasn’t and is only now being rolled out as of 21st May. Poor old Microsoft just cannot get these things right. On “Windows Update” the availability of the update was shown as of 11.16 am. I tried the standard update procedure which allegedly downloaded the update but stuck at 99%. After waiting for two hours or more I downloaded the Windows Update Assistant at 12.52 pm, which has started the whole process all over again and has as I write (3.12 pm) just informed me that we are at 100% and ready to go

Quite why these updates are so slow and so troublesome I do not know. Linux Mint updates itself regularly and if I get a bit behind may take 30 minutes max but is usually much quicker. I can see and appreciate that Microsoft had many customers to deal with and many computers and combinations of installed programmed to allow for, whereas Linux Mint had far fewer, but if Microsoft wants to have a big market (almost a monopoly) it must also find ways and means of keeping its customers happy. I have a laptop running on Linux Mint purely because some years back one of the Windows updates crashed it comprehensively. Fortunately I was able to use another machine to download the Linux Mint ISO and then run it on the trashed Windows machine. And it’s been a Linux machine ever since.

I think the internet and the world wide web are marvellous ideas with great potential for good. But at the same time evil people will and do use it for their own ends, the programmes and operating systems we gave are fragile and need constant maintenance and the actual infrastructure of cables and servers is too vulnerable to accidental damage or deliberate attack to make it all a safe, secure and robust system. It is a useful adjunct, buy it is not a mainstream system and it is wrong that people who do not have computers, smartphones etc are penalised.

It is now 3.37 pm, the updating has just finished (I wrote a good deal of the above on my mobile phone) and from what I ave seen of Microsoft’s “good news” there is very little in this update of use or interest to me. There may be technical improvements that I cannot see and know nothing about, but user wise – no change. So, 4 hours of worry and wasted time. Thank you Microsoft.

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