To Peebles . . .

Home to Craiguart House, Peebles

We set off soon after 10.00 am and stopped at the Garage for petrol and to check the tyres. The fitter, came up to us and said,

“Do you know that your exhaust is blowing ?”

“No” (Because I wouldn’t hear it anyway, being deaf . . . )

“Where are you going ?”, he said.


“Better have a look at it”

So he did. They ran us home where we camped out until the car was mended c. 3.00 pm and we got away about 4.00 pm. They fitted a new exhaust (don’t know how much of it needed renewal the bill says ‘downpipe’), but the snag was the sensor which also had to be replaced and they could not get a new one before 2.30 pm.

All went well until we got to Castleside on the A68, where a policewoman was blocking the road and redirecting traffice, so we did a longish diversion through Shotley Bridge.

We got to Brocksbushes Farm (near Corbridge) as they were closing, but they very kindly served us a meal (snack) as they hoovered and cleaned up. Then we drove into Corbridge to get a mobile signal, and phoned Craiguart B&B to tell them how we were progressing.

Then we pressed on in gathering rain, over Carter Bar, through Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, Selkirk, and Innerleithen to Peebles where we were welcomed, and comfortable accommodated, breakfasted, and sent on our way the next morning.

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