“Thank you for your card . . .”

This year’s Christmas Cards.

As the years go by the Christmas Card list slowly evolves, or it might be more accurate to write that it slowly “dissolves”. We ourselves are in our mid eighties so all this is entirely understandable.

Each year the writing in the cards wishing you “all the best for the new year” gets shakier, and harder to read, and (as this year) sometimes the sender writes the message but forgets to say who they are. The Royal Mail franking is not as meaningful as once it was so trying to guess the sender is not always a productive pastime. Each year the sad news comes that a husband or wife has died, or has suffered a stroke, or has had to have a serious operation, Often a downsize of house has been necessary and so a new address is given.

So, this year I have taken a photograph of the cards we have received so far, that is up to Saturday, 22nd December, and we are pleasantly surprised (and pleased) to say that we have had to put up a second piece of string ! There will be many who read this who will say, “Rhubarb ! get some cards you losers!”, and alas there will be others who will think how lucky we are to get that many, or indeed any cards at all.

It seems fitting therefore to end this blog entry by saying we hope you have a happy, holy, and blessed Christmas and that the awful looking 2019 looming ahead of us will at least be survivable in some fashion and that we are here next Christmas to exchange greetings once again.

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