Splendid Isolation – Day 8

Up early (by our standards) to put the outgoing post outside the front door ready for the Postie to collect and take away. But Monday is often a day without incoming post or with only unsolicited mail (aka “Junk” which we then have to recycle !) And today proved to be such a day, so at 1.00 pm, with no mail delivery the outgoing mail which hadn’t out-gone was brought back inside ready for another early start tomorrow.

The weather being fine I got some jobs done on the recycling in the garage. Since we are told this splendid isolation will last twelve weeks or possibly longer, there is going to be a lorra lorra stuff waiting to go the the recycling depot when it all ends. The bulkiest stuff is the plastic, milk containers and the like, so I have been cutting them up which reduces their volume considerably and then cramming them into cut down containers with an eye on the problems of pushing the plastic through the holes in the giant skips where plastic is collected.

Also a bit of weeding got done, some slightly acidic fertiliser was put on the baby blueberry bushes, and a batch of toilet roll cylinders was filled with potting compost and planted with a dozen or so “Scarlet Emperor” runner beans. The beauty of this is that if and when they shoot and make plants you simply put the whole thing into the ground. The cardboard by this time is pretty soggy and soon breaks down entirely, and the young plants don’t suffer any root disturbance in the process. I also found a complete runner bean pod from last years crop lying on the ground as I weeded and it had perfectly good dried beans inside, so I have potted these too to see what happens. They will have been well and truly “vernalised” by being outside in the open all winter.

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