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Two new books purchased from “Confessions of a Bookseller” is – as you can see – by Shaun Bythell the proprietor of The Bookshop in Wigtown who had (and still has) such a success with is first effort, “The Diary of a Bookseller”. Brian Bilston, whose talk at the Wigtown Book Festival we attended, is better known for his collection of poetry called, “You took the last bus home” which concludes with his puzzlement as to how the bus was got through the front door. This is more along the lines of a diary – was he influenced by Shaun Bythell’s success we wonder ? – but includes poems as well.


you are so groovet,

I’d like to stay under you

all of Tuesdet

I prefer Hive bookshop. It is as on line affair, but it isn’t Amazon and it doesn’t charge postage, although I am sure that is factored into their prices. These online bookshops have decimated the ranks of local bookshops (to decimate is to kill off one in ten – the death rate among bookshops is far higher than that) but given that the loss has happened and we have very little in the way of bookstores selling new books within easy distance of us, Hive is a good substitute, and they do give the the chance to back an existing bookshop. The nearest practical one to us is Whities in Peebles (a 160 mile round trip) and they can also be found here.

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