Reminders of things past . . .

Today dawned bright, clear, and very cold. Roofs and fields were white with frost and many remained so all day. We decided that since Galloway Lodge in Gatehouse of Fleet announced via Facebook that it was open today – the 2nd of January is a Bank Holiday in Scotland – we would give it a try. We found that it was pretty full but were able to get one of the remaining tables without difficulty. Despite the crowds the staff coped remarkably well and we were soon served an enjoyable lunch. By the time we were drawing our lunch break to a close it was evident that people were queueing to get in.

I have not seen this, except at motorway service stations, for many years and it took me back to the war years and immediately post war, when queues to get in a a cafe were quite common – and when you got in and asked for beans on toast (which was about the hopeful norm in those days) the answer would quite likely be, “Sorry, beans is orf luv”, so you would work through the whole gamut of possibilities until you found something that was “on” and thought yourselves grateful to get it.

We came home via the Carrick coast. Families and individuals were out enjoying the beaches although the weather was going a bit grey by early afternoon, one had a camp fire going, and in the distance the Isle of Man was half hidden by a veil of cloud.

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