Over the Cliff with the mighty Amazon . . .

Today I ordered something from Amazon. Pretty bad eh ? I made the mistake of doing the ordering on a tablet where old fingers don’t seem to work as well as young ones, and where one tap can cover about three possibilities. I knew that come what may I must not fall into the trap set by the Amazon natives of ending up with an unwanted membership of Prime. The order was placed, and congratulating myself on my astuteness (you don’t fool Oldies as easily as all that Mr Amazon I said to myself !) I carried on with my day.

Imagine therefore my chagrin, dismay, discombobulation, and, yes, anger when later on I received emails from Amazon announcing that my order was confirmed, and welcoming me as a new “Prime” member.  They helpfully included a link to a form which I could print off and send by post to Luxembourg renouncing my new found status. But also, in near impossible to read hieroglyphics it said I could cancel my provisional membership by tinkering about on line – which I promptly did. It took a bit of digging around to find the right place – they don’t intend to make it easy – but eventually came success. All the way, and in a later email I was asked whether I really meant to cancel, and listing all the fantastic privileges I was passing up.  No mention of course of the privilege that Amazon was about to receive in the form of an annual subscription from me.

And just in case you are the least bit interested we are now up to WordPress 5 with the new Gutenberg editor built in. And I quite like it !

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