Of The Laying of Slabs . . .

Sitting quietly in our contemplation room this morning just after 9.00 am I thought I heard a tapping noise, but since our throne is given to making such noises as the occupant moves about I took no notice. But within a very short time I was nearly knocked off my seat by a real thumping on the window. It turned out to be the builder come to begin work on laying some extra slabs to widen the existing concrete paths in order to make it easier to shift the wheelie bin in and out.

He was concerned that he could not get the slabs he thought he could get but had had to bring some slightly smaller in width. So I did a trial run with the wheelie bin and on inspection it seemed that the slabs would be perfectly OK. So he went off to get more materials and came back not only with materials but his father too, who is apparently about 75 but still working.

By lunchtime they had done one side of the house and are to go along the back tomorrow. There was a joint inspection of our wee greenhouse. We said rather apologetically that we had never had a greenhouse before so we were not anticipating doing anything very exciting with it. But the father would have none of it, and reckoned that we should have two tomato plants and two seedless cucumbers, and that they would be lovely. Presumably we shall pay for the laying of the slabs, but the gardening advice comes free

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