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Potatoes sprouting above the soil.

Spuds is up.

No matter how many gardening programmes we watch (Beechgrove from Aberdeen and Gardeners World from Herefordshire) my experience at the age of 85 is that it is very seldom about planning exciting garden layouts full of interesting, unusual or exotic plants. It is mainly the keeping of things tidy, weeding and any alterations or improvements have to be done piecemeal and when time and weather permit. Of all these, time, fitting things in, and weather, days or weeks of being unable to get out (unless one is a glutton for punishment) are the two governing factors. I have seen our neighbour, who gardens for enjoyment and a living outside working in waterproofs, in the cold, and although I admire him tremendously I know that is not for me.

This morning I started on lifting the black plastic membrane which has covered a plot in our garden since before we came, and this is now our second full summer, or two and a half given that we moved in in the August of 2017. That meant the removal and storage of a great number of bricks and edging stones which had been weighing it down against the winter gales. And that in turn meant that if I wanted to store them behind our summer house an energetically growing rose had to be dealt with to avoid being ripped to death (roses attack me on sight). The rose pruned and tied back I was able to get on with the job and ultimately achieved success. But in the meantime I had to shift sundry and heavy filled plant pots for my OH plus other minor but time consuming jobs.

All was done eventually and I was able to plant out some beetroot plants from Heathhall and some cheerful African Marigolds which I bought from the Spar shop in Gatehouse of Fleet. So, not everything I had hoped for done, but enough for a feeling of satisfaction and an aching back.

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