More Fibs . . .

The image above shows a post on Facebook by The Student Brexit Group. Full Fact were asked to investigate this and here is their reply :

We’ve been asked to check a claim on Facebook that 9 of the eleven Supreme Court judges who made a ruling on Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament “receive stipends of £175,000+ from the EU”.

“We’ve seen no evidence that a payment of this type exists. Two of the judges work ad hoc for the European Court of Human Rights—but this is not the same as the EU.”

“Only one of the two has come to the European Human Rights court, and that has only been twice in the last four years. They get paid around £444 per day for this.”

Why, Oh Why, is it necessary for Brexit campaigners like these (if it is indeed a genuine group) to conduct their activities by the continual telling and publishing of lies ?

About The Author

Born 9 December 1933. Former Royal Air Force person. Retired Church of England Clergyman. Father. Grandfather, and now, Great Grandfather. Citizen of Europe and Fervent Remainer. Thinks that Members of Parliament and especially Ministers of the Crown, who lie to Parliament should be brought before a public tribunal where the evidence can be heard, and examined, and suitable penalties awarded.
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