Money v Safety

Mrs. Nicola Sturgeon makes an interesting point here, which I confess, had never occurred to me, that for Governments to carry out their duties of care towards the Citizens they represent they need to have the financial clout to do so – and the Scottish Government could do more if it could afford it.

‘At the daily briefing yesterday the First Minister underlined she would have “likely” announced more wide-ranging restrictions – possibly closing pubs – to stop the coronavirus spread if her government had powers to limit the loss of jobs those curbs would cause.

She made the point after top scientist Professor John Edmunds criticised both the Scottish and UK governments, saying he believed they had not “gone far enough”. Edmunds went on to say that a mistake was made in March by action not being taken swiftly enough and he believes that mistake is about to be repeated.

Addressing journalists, the First Minister said: “There is a danger that what starts to hold us back is not the public health analysis but financial limitations.”‘

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