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It is a pleasure to be able to compliment a business on their efficiency. I recently received a bill from my Tesco Club Card Credit Card for about ¬£32 which had been paid to Mighty Text – an app I once patronised. I had long ago ceased to use it, deleted it from all my gadgetry and had no record of an account for it at all. But I contacted them via their web site and got a reply very promptly. I then dealt with someone called Camilla who asked me various simple straightforward questions, located my account (even the email address was discontinued some time ago) and got the account cancelled without any hassle about why I was doing so. My experience of this sort of thing with other firms is that every time you get a reply, which is about once every two or three days, you have to begin all over again and as often as not your “How may I help you” does not seem to have read what you wrote.

So, well done Mighty Text. Its just a shame that when you get old you have so few correspondents that an app like Mighty Text, so useful for us deaf Oldies, gets so little use.

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