Linux Mint 19 “Tara” . . .

I decided today to fire up my Linux laptop as I knew there must be updates waiting. Indeed there were – many of them. The Update Manager soon had them all listed and on clicking “Install” they proceeded to do just that.

It then occurred to me that I had been running the successive versions of Linx Mint 18 for some time and perhaps a check to see where the development process had got to would be in order. And indeed it was, there has been version 19 since the middle of last year, and it is due to go up one level any time soon – to 19.1.

The Linux Mint web site – downloads.

The .iso image file of about 1.5 GB downloaded quite quickly, was burnt to a DVD and inserted into the Linux laptop’s drive where it rumbled away and the new version soon installed itself, and then further, downloaded a mass of updates and installed them too.

So different from Windows updates which are slow to download, and slow to install with many screens and random restarts – if indeed you can download them and run them at all. The current Windows 10 update 1809 has been paused for a second time and Windows users just have to wait while Microsoft sorts itself out.

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