Kirkcudbright Galleries and food for the soul, or not . . .

Kirkcudbright Galleries, St Mary Street, Kirkcudbright.

The day began, for us, with a visit to our Dentist. Having had an obvious tooth extraction I am now going through the process of having plate made and our Dentist is making a series of impressions to determine how the extraction site and the bone of the jaw above is settling down and rebuilding itself. So nothing painful happened today, just a lot of spitting out bits of pink plastic stuff which leaked out of the mould. I am to go again in two weeks time and there will apparently be several such visits until she and the laboratory are satisfied that it is OK to go ahead with the final design.

From there we went to Kirkcudbright Galleries to see the “Utopia” exhibition. How to describe it ? The theme “Utopia” has been interpreted in very different ways by all the artists and makers involved as their displayed explanations show. One is left wondering just how much of the descriptions of their thought processes really describe anything – to me they did not – or whether they are as abstract as their works of art. This is “modern art” and I have to say to them with respect most of it impressed me not at all. In some pieces one could see that the work was excellent in its technical construction whether in paint, or wood, or concrete. But there was only one artist who did what we would once have referred to as “fretwork” who really made an impression on me and whose work I would have taken home if I owned an oil well or two and was able to keep the income. So, worth going to see as a curiosity, but I did not come away feeling better about life as I did after two visits to the Charles Oppenheimer paintings. Disappointing.

However, we made our way to the café and stoked up on some of their soup and other “specials” and that cheered us up. The café is run by the Selkirk Arms hotel and really is very good

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