Johnson, Amoral and Ignorant . . .

It is one thing to have a candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party and hence likely to be Prime Minister, if only for a short time, who is known to be devoid of any moral sense in the matter of truth and his relationships with women, but when you add to that his sublime ignorance as shown by this tweet, you begin to realise the abyss which awaits us.

Shows a tweet by Emily Maitlis.
Tweet by Emily Maitlis

The effect of leaving the EU without any preparations having been made beforehand has been clearly set out on the EU Commission’s web site for two or more years. I myself advised a friend to read it in early 2017, James Patrick (@J_amesp) on Twitter was publishing advice on what the ordinary citizen should be doing at about that time as well. We constructed our own little stockpile of food at that time, and the irony is that the prevarications of Parliament since mean that we now have to check it to see if the things we bought are getting close to their use-by dates !

Overall these eventualities have been known and discussed for most of that time, and now the idiot Johnson seems to be taken aback by them. When the referendum result was known on 24th July 2016 the message to me (I was quite upset, shocked and frightened) was the likelihood of civil unrest. Indeed the referendum result itself showed civil unrest widely spread across the country which is, in my opinion, why the Government and then the House of Commons panicked as it did.

A caveat is that the source of this information is not made clear so we have to face the possibility that it is another piece of fake news. It seems to be a screen shot from a mobile phone working on the O2 network as seen below . . .

Tweet by Emily Maitlis

So, make of it what you will. Emily Maitlis seems to be quite well respected, but even the best journalists are working in the dark these days, so it might all be a red herring. Knowing our man’s track record it is a well conceived story, all the more believable because it has been tailored to fit his track record so exactly.

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