“In the Town Crofts” by Edward Atkinson Hornel

Edward Atkinson Hornel , 1864 – 1933

In 1901 he acquired Broughton House, a townhouse and garden in Kirkcudbright, which was his main residence for the rest of his life with his sister Elizabeth.[4] There he made several modifications to the house and designed garden taking inspiration from his travels in Japan. he also made an addition of a gallery for his paintings.[5] On his death the house and library were donated for the benefit of the citizens and Broughton House is now administered by the National Trust for Scotland.

This is by way of being a test. Having ftp’d a number of images up to the web server on which this blog is hosted, the next thing to do was to see if they were any easier to use than having them on Imageshack. The jury is currently out.

That aside, the painting depicts – obviously – crofts being cultivated in Kirkcudbright to the south east of the Tolbooth where Buchanan Street, Dovecroft, et al have since been built. The lady’s cabbages look about the same as mine !

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