Gracefield Arts – Fine Arts Society Exhibition

Pike – a mobile phone photo

I began writing this on my mobile phone sitting on a bench at Gracefield Arts in Dumfries at the Fine Arts Society exhibition.

If these are the fine arts, spare us from the bad arts. It really is very troubling that even with a Fine Arts Society so many aspiring painters cannot actually draw what they see. Impressionism is all very well, but it is not the same thing as banging down a rough sketch. The current exhibition of Charles Oppenheimer’s work at the Kirkcudbright Galleries demonstrates this point beyond a peradventure. He work in he family mosaic business in Manchester and trained as and had to be a draughtsman and it shows. It does not make his work mechanical, or lifeless, but puts the scene in front of you and draws you (well, me anyway) in. And, some of the abstract work makes me fear for the originator’s mental health.

The photograph I have posted was of a group which represented about the best thing in the exhibition, and the pieces, had we chosen to buy one or some, were remarkably inexpensive. But we are not really into fish.

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