Go fly a kite . . .

Masonic Arms, Gatehouse of Fleet, The Bar
Masonic Arms, Gatehouse of Fleet
Cheery and warming stove in the bar.

On the way home from a trip to the Podiatrist in Gatehouse of Fleet, followed by an excellent lunch in the “Masonic Arms” we sat and watched three red kites working the ridge of a field two or three miles north of Ringford. They worked along the ridge going upwind and riding the updraughts, then when they got to the end of heir patrol line they did a turn and skilfully allowed the wind to take them downwind as the turn continued to bring them upwind over the ridge again. In our time of watching each bird made at least one or two swoops down and landed on the grass, but we could not see them once they had done this (just the tops of their heads) so we could not see if they were actually eating anything. The sun was bright behind us, so that their colouring showed up well against the blue sky. A very pleasant five or ten minutes of observation. The photo below is, alas, not one of ours, but comes by courtesy of Google Images.

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