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We watched a programme on TV last evening allegedly about Scotland. In reality it was a programme exploiting Scotland for the benefit of the career of the presenter – an embarrassing lady, nodding and winking at the camera, sometimes about the unfortunate being interviewed at the time – who equally fortunately, seemed to take it in good part. The cartoon above sets out exactly what I have thought for many years about how TV selects its presenters and “personalities”. You can present a programme about nuclear physics if you have a funny voice or wear scarlet trousers – but knowing anything about any sort of physics is of no importance whatsoever.

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Born 9 December 1933. Former Royal Air Force person. Retired Church of England Clergyman. Father. Grandfather, and now, Great Grandfather. Citizen of Europe and Fervent Remainer. Thinks that Members of Parliament and especially Ministers of the Crown, who lie to Parliament should be brought before a public tribunal where the evidence can be heard, and examined, and suitable penalties awarded.
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