Friday, 3rd January

The Glensone Burn, near New Abbey, Kirkcudbrightshire

Following a successful visit to the Steamboat Inn on my birthday last December we decided to try it again and make further explorations into their menu. We went via Beeswing and the unclassified road from thence to New Abbey. We did this because having travelled that road last December we knew that there were then a series of meadows at the roadside with various breeds of less common sheep and we wanted to see if they were still there. We only found one occupied meadow and that had Herdwicks in it.

The sheep in the foreground is a Herdwick.

Having stopped (in the perishing cold wind) to take some photos, and noticing that some bright spark has tossed their Christmas wreaths into the burn with ribbon that looked suspiciously like plastic on them, we pressed on to the Steamboat.

These landed on the bank. How much else went in the burn and so to the sea ?

We found the same two Gents who were at the bar previously still there, in exactly the same seats, and we spoke with them and they told us that they were there every day. What a nice life ! The local buses come and go right outside the pub, and at a given time they issued forth, climbed onto the appropriate bus and were born away to – presumably – Dumfries.

Food wise, I went for the fish and chips – they always give it a fancy name – but fish and chips it is. It was beautifully cooked – the fish and its batter, and the chips too, and it came with little ramekin dishes of mushy peas and caper sauce. Very nice. Mrs. S. had Fish Mornay in a big round dish with lovely freshly cooked mixed vegetables and said it was also very good. It certainly looked like it.

We followed the coast road, the A 710, home in the fading light, stopped in Kirkcudbright for a few bits and pieces – and so home.

A grand day out.

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