Extraction . . .

Today was Dentist Day. A tooth that was identified some years ago as resorping itself had got to the stage where it was getting infections and being a bit of a nuisance in general. I went off to the Dentist rather dreading the experience but the anaesthetics they use now are very good and although I could feel the Dentist pushing and shoving somewhat I felt no pain whatsoever. Things did not go quite according to plan, so she called in her husband who joined in the fray and in no time at all the thing was out. I had no idea it was out and asked if they had succeeded yet ? – so they showed me the tooth, and I could see clearly the part where resorption had taken place and tooth material was absent.

They say that blogs are better when illustrated and I could bring you a photo of my poorly tooth, but on mature consideration of those of you, dear readers, who are of a nervous disposition, I rather think not.

Be grateful for small mercies I say.

I repented me of the error of my ways, so here is the present our Dentist gave me. Isn’t it nice ?

But, don’t look inside !

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