Europe Day

1. European parliamentary election papers arrived today. Filled mine in for the Scottish National Party. Alyn Smith is very good with his newsletters. It also happens to be Europe Day, a day which passes totally unnoticed in this isolationist and disunited kingdom of ours. Having said which, Scotland has made a point of welcoming newcomers and, of course, has the history of “the auld alliance”.

2. Out in search of bluebells.  We had heard or read about somewhere near Creetown where a wooden hut had been built – pretty vague – so I once again searched the web and found out what is was and where it was, and we set off. Balloch Community Woodland lies on the Balloch Burn, but from the motorist’s point if view it is on the Old Military Road. We found the wooden Roundhouse and the wildlife ponds which began life as curling ponds, but only a few bluebells. We explored for a while then went on into Freetown to the Gem Museum cafe, which, joking aside is a little gem of a place. We each had a big bowl of pea and ham soup which we learnt was made by one of the ladies on duty.

Then we went along the Gatehouse road across the hills to Castramon Wood which was just a carpet of bluebells stretching in all directions. I was able to explore quite way into the wood (for me). Then into Gatehouse itself for some groceries at the Spar shop, and so home.

Cooked myself red chilli beans and haggis for my tea. The haggis was of good quality and flavour despite being a cheap line branded Spar.

About The Author

Born 9 December 1933. Former Royal Air Force person. Retired Church of England Clergyman. Father. Grandfather, and now, Great Grandfather. Citizen of Europe and Fervent Remainer. Thinks that Members of Parliament and especially Ministers of the Crown, who lie to Parliament should be brought before a public tribunal where the evidence can be heard, and examined, and suitable penalties awarded.
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