Day 9 – the Mail Arrives . . . and goes

OH was up before me and put the letters out (weather dry fortunately) which were duly collected by our Postie and fresh mail delivered. This, of course, raises the question – are the envelopes and wrappers contaminated ? – and come to that, what about the contents ? I took the lot to the garage with a clean washing up bowl. Opened the wrappers and shook the contents into the bowl and then disposed of the wrappers in the wheelie bin or the recycling. Then I washed my hands and took the bowl indoors. Dumfries and Galloway District Council have closed all the recycling centres now so we will have to pile it up as best we may, and if we survive the virus, probably make several journeys to the dump when it re-opens.

Today I feel bored. If we had no restrictions I would be at home, doing exactly the same things as I am doing now, but free to pop out to the shops. I don’t need to go anywhere (although it might be a good idea to fire up the car and charge the battery a bit from time to time) but the knowledge that going out is prohibited turns normality into a sort of captivity – and boredom strikes.

The “Guardian” which no doubt thinks it is carrying on bravely and publishing coronavirus articles prolifically is not really actually telling us anything of informational value, so much “news” is hearsay which as the Judge in “Trial by Jury”* says to a witness “you must not tell us what she told you, that s not evidence”.

Boris Johnson spoke to us on the TV last evening and was quite good. He couldn’t quite restrain his hands, but was able to keep it down to a few twitches. He presumably had an auto-cue which hopefully had been written by someone else so he was quite rational. But even then he could not resist saying that “we will beat this thing”. I couldn’t help thinking that viruses have been around a lot longer than most of us, they are an adaptable lot. They can be kept at bay, but defeat is not a part of their philosophy. Still, it was a good try.

I foresee trouble ahead over food supplies. We had a preliminary look at the Tesco site last night to see when we might put in our next order. No slots at all up to 13th April. We are on the mid week rota, so I wondered if we should cough up a bit more money and go on to the seven day rota but if the midweek slots are all full I cannot see that the weekends are going to be any better. And in any case there are those whose only time to be at home might be weekends, so we sat at homes should not block them up. It looks as though we shall have to rely on those kind acquaintances who have offered to help to get what they can locally. Logically one would think that as time goes by, and people’s supplies are in their cupboards the demand might return to normal, but that doesn’t account for people like us who would normally not have deliveries, but who are now staying at home. With a high percentage of Oldies in our community the number of delivery requests will inevitably have risen. Tesco are recruiting more staff, will this include van drivers, and will they take on or hire extra vans ?

*I think it was “Trial by Jury” but you dear reader, will know better.

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