Day 58 – Mitchells does it again . . .

Another week, another deliver and Mitchells does it again. I was up at 7.00 am for reasons ito which we will not go, and I peeped out to see their box perched outside the front door.

Once the unloading begins there are great discussions on whether things need to be washed, whether things can be washed – are they in waterproof packaging or should we just leave them in the garage until the virus has expired of its own accord. Often, if we get tired, the latter becomes the option of choice.

A factor in all this is that because we are constantly stock piling for the week or fortnight ahead – no “just in time” shopping now, what we do with things is often decided by “where on earth are we going to put them ?” Big containers of milk are good in some ways, but are more difficult for old hands and wrists and need tall shelf spaces in the fridge. The idea of buying another fridge has already been mooted, but how wold we get that in the sink to wash it ?

Some things can be fitted in much more easily. The Skyr from Mitchells (actually from Grahams Dairy) is exceedingly good, and the yogurts are new too. They come from the Alston Dairy Alston Dairy is new to me, but the story of how they came about is interesting to read on their web site. The blue box hiding underneath everything else is Grahams spreadable butter. Not as good as Countrylife, we think, but very acceptable when we need to be grateful for anything that we can get.

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