Day 15 – The Stir is going Crazy

Austrian Tyrol. Schloss Fernstein, Fernpass. 18 April 2007.
Nothing to do with today’s news, but a hark back to happier times, passing through Austria on our way to Torri del Benaco on Lake Garda in Italy..

Nothing much to report fortunately. The Guardian online newspaper is thoroughly enjoying itself, gradually filling up with Coronavirus articles in a sort of Coronavirus feeding frenzy. The old adage that what sells newspapers (or used to sell newspapers when they were on sale at every street corner) is “FUD” – fear, uncertainty and doubt is true at every turn. Never was so much wordage typed by so few for the spreading of alarm and despondency. The only part of the paper useful at this time are the daily crosswords. If they really wanted to help they would increase the number of puzzles available daily, and cut down on the verbiage which tells us nothing constructive.

Brexit has disappeared entirely and the obvious lessons of today where the supermarkets simply cannot cope with the demand for deliveries and its likely repeat in January of 2021 when the Channel crossing of goods from the Continent will be effectively stopped by a failure to negotiate a withdrawal agreement (presented as a triumph for independence) will cause food shortages such as have never been seen before even during the war when shipping was being sunk at greatest rate.

Anent the above. I have just checked the Tesco web site and there are no deliveries available up to 19th April and the next possible dates are not yet displayed. The Chief Medical Officer is laid up with the virus, so his deputy is filling in and she cheerfully tells us that the restrictions might need to go on for as long as 6 months. Unless the supermarkets can train up lots more drivers and associated staff and hire more vans I foresee some of the housebound folk (like us) hitting the buffers foodwise long before then. If the shop, Mitchells, in Castle Douglas doesn’t go under with sickness and is able to maintain deliveries we might be living on vegetable soup and eggs and possibly fish from time to time (fish is expensive stuff these days) so we will all be slim, but healthy and constipation will cease to be a “thing”.

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