Day 12 – Love your Neighbour – Mitchell’s to the rescue

A relief from the endless coronavirus news

Some weeks ago we started having some pictures framed. One of those things you mean to do one day but somehow “one day” is slow in arriving. So finally we bit the bullet, gritted our teeth, girded up our loins (add whatever metaphor you like here) and pushed open the picture framers door. There seem to be two ladies on duty and both are very helpful and knowledgeable and give one confidence about leaving your precious pics in their hands. They have proved worthy of that confidence and we are pleased with the results they have wrought between them.

John Wilson Carmichael.
Lincoln Cathedral from the Brayford Pool.

One of the last pictures we took in was “Lincoln Cathedral from the Brayford” by John Wilson Carmichael. This was to replace the same picture we have had for many years (40 years ?) and which has become faded by the sunlight over time. Then the self isolation struck, and the shop owner, who we had only ever spoken to briefly by way of business, brought the finished article to our front door. She placed it in the porch (fortunately it was already paid for) and with a wave or two, departed. We had a notice in the porch by that time to say we were self isolating, which presumably she saw, and that evening to our surprise there was a Tesco shopping bag with few groceries, parked in the porch.

We, of course had no idea who the donor might be, but next day, by some incredibly astute detective work via Next Door I was able to find out who dunnit, and Lo !, it was the picture framing lady, whose name we now know. Since then we have had many conversations, she has offered to run errands for us, for which we are very grateful, and told us of things we didn’t know. Today she told us of a shop and wholesaler in Castle Douglas called Mitchells who will deliver fresh veg, fresh fish, and milk and eggs. So we found out their phone number from the web and placed an order. They were very helpful and promised delivery on Tuesday, no cash in advance, they propose to leave an invoice on which will be their bank details in the hope that we will pay up, which we undoubtedly will if the virus hasn’t carried us off by then.

Our cleaning lady, who refused payment for her last planned session which we cancelled, has also offered to assist in any way she can, and we have phoned her once or twice because she has young children, to see if we have anything of which she is short – so far she claims to be OK.

People, who were not alive at the time, often refer to how things were during WW2, as though it was a time of bliss and “blitz spirit”, but this coming together in adversity does give those of my readers born after the event, some small idea of how things were. But don’t forget that there are many scams afoot today by evil people and agencies, who seek to gain financial or other benefits from this situation, and these people were there too in the war, and some did very well out of it.

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