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Screenshot of Alice Lough entry on Ancestry.
Alice Lough – “LifeStory” screenshot of Ancestry page

I have for many years now been a subscriber to Ancestry and much of my family history research is kept there. Recently a relative of mine asked me why our great grandmother was shown as having been in America at various times in her life. I was baffled by this and could not find anything to back up his claim and rather ignored it – until – yesterday I happened to click on the Life Story tab.

LifeStory tab on the left

The photo at the start of this post shows what I found. In the screen shot, there are three events all of which are factually correct under the “Facts” heading, with references and sources, but in the “LifeStory” shot you can see that Alice’s mother allegedly died in Amador, California, her little son allegedly died in Alaska, and her son Harry was allegedly born there as well. And for the privilege of paying Ancestry £179.99 per annum this is the claptrap they produce. I have emailed them to tell them of my displeasure.

Here is the reply from Karen at Ancestry :

Hi Ian . I’m Karen, a Directly Ancestry Expert. We are experienced Ancestry users that assist with answering questions. While we do not have access to accounts, I will be happy to provide assistance.

I understand your frustration. Ancestry is experiencing an issue relating to this. Unfortunately we do no have a timeline for it being fixed, but we are hopeful it will be soon.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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