BBC News

BBC News has a weird sense of the fitness of things.  Tonight they refer – as they so often do – to their “top story”.  This tonight happens to be that thousands of people are fleeing their homes in northern Syria – as if Syria hasn’t had enough trouble recently.  I do not see how this can be “top” – “most serious”, “most important”, “most awful” maybe, but we cannot rate news items, and should not, as which of these things is “top” on a ten point scale where 10 is “we would like lots more like this” and 1 is “boring” ?

Similarly, for two nights now we have been lambasted by the sensational news that a rugby match in Japan may have to be cancelled because of a super typhoon which is due to hit the country. How could the Japanese Government allow this to happen ?  Tonight I notice a brief nod towards the idea that a super typhoon might possibly blow a few things over and kill a few people – but the real crunch is that it is going to cancel a rugby match.

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