Running home


We were up at 7.00 am, washed, dressed and at the car by 8.20 am. A bright sunny day. Our granddaughter joined us in her running kit and guided by the sat nav we set off for Cramond. We had to pass through one of those modern industrial estate areas where there is a complex multiplicity of traffic lights, roundabouts, and white lane lines trying to control what the planners have allowed to become an out of control situation. But we made it and found our way into Cramond village but no sign of other runners. However the granddaughter soon found another participant from whom she discovered we were half an hour too early. After some discussion, and the commencement of the arrival of other people we left her too it and took ourselves off to South Queensferry where we pottered about, took some photos and waited for the cafe to open. We then spotted tbat it was in fact already open, and indeed small tourist buses were already about, so we went in to have a coffee and use the toilets. Then it was time to return to Cramond, pick up GD, and go back to the hotel. We had booked a late breakfast the night before and were well looked after. We sat and chatted for some time, then settled the bill for us and for us all, said our goodbyes and left. I had decided that we might return home via the Moffat road, the A701 but this meant going along the Edinburgh City Bypass which is another example of the many failures of our road planning and building in this country. Far too much traffic for the capacity of the road and its junctions. It is foolishness to build a bypass road to take through traffic and then (for the sake of cheapness no doubt) press it into use to take local traffic as well. Result – over crowding, and traffic reduced to a stop and start crawl.

When we came to leave the bypass and join the A701 it was the same story, traffic clogging up the intersection roundabout because of traffic lights a few yards further on trying to control another busy over burdened junction. Nevertheless we made our way south until we cleared Penequik and then got into open country. Very pleasanf scenery which became grander as we neared Moffat, passing the watershed and the source of the Tweed, an descended into Moffat which we found to be quite busy cafe wise. I note on Facebook that there was a motor cycle and scooter gathering of some sort which passed through Moffat which probably accounts for it.

The run home through Dumfries to Kirkcudbright was uneventful but pleasant in the late afternoon sunshine.

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