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30 APRIL 2019, 12:24
SM here again today unexpectedly. We thought he was on another job but the weather forecast said rain which disbarred rendering, so he came to us. In the event the rain held off till the evening, but it would not have done fresh rendering much good. So the chimney’s loss was our gain.

His arrival was announced by my suddenly spotting his van outside as I padded around in my pyjamas, accompanied by a knocking at the back door. He had already filled two cracks in the rendering at the front of the house and wanted to know if there were any more. The cracks were filled with silicone (the universal panacea) and had had the grit used as pebble dashing pushed into them so that they are now scarcely noticeable.

He laid a piece of timber across the bottom of the fence between us and CB next door to stop the new gravel going on to his lawn and ruining a mower or getting thrown into a window. Then he went off to get more gravel to finish the job. He bought small sacks this time and he estimated that twelve were needed and he was about right.

He also mended our square “raised” bed, cleaned out the gutters (no leaves or moss, but fine soil like silt soil), and hoisted up the downpipes where they had slid down. A good days work, and as JAS said the removal of the patchwork quilt effect and it’s replacement but one continuous colour somehow unified that portion of the garden.

Meanwhile, I cleared out with brush and vacuum masses of cobwebby stuff from over the garage door (internally) and oiled all the joints and hinged parts . Then we completed the day by removing a quantity of plants that had begun to colonise the tarmac by our front step. A much needed job, but I had to resort to Cocodamol afterwards because if lower back pain.

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