Easter Monday

22 APRIL 2019, 14:40
Not a Bank Holiday in Scotland. England, Wales, N Ireland, and Ireland, yes, but not here. Jings ! They (we) do things differently here.

The problem with gardening is not the physical effort, but the mental effort of getting started. Just another mug of coffee, see if the “daily challenge” solitaire us do-able today and it is put off for a little longer. Once started however you realise that it is better to be outside than to be holding down an armchair inside.

About The Author

Born 9 December 1933. Former Royal Air Force person. Retired Church of England Clergyman. Father. Grandfather, and now, Great Grandfather. Citizen of "Nowhere" acccording to my Prime Minister. Citizen of Europe according to me. Fervent Remainer. Thinks that Members of Parliament and especially Ministers of the Crown, who lie to Parliament should be barred from any sort of public office until a public recantation - three shots, then out for life.
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