Hair today . . .

18 APRIL 2019, 11:31

Every five weeks we attend Sloan’s in Castle Street, run by Pamela Sloan – well, Pamela anyway, we assume she is a Sloan*. A lovely lady, and a jolly good hairdresser. As we arrived she shot out of the door, presumably to get something for lunch, but she was back in no time.

Then we went to “Solway Tide”, first time this year, and had an equally nice lunch. After a bit more local shopping we finished at Polarpak (up for sale alas) and bought fresh fish, a very expensive pastime these days and almost a luxury item – and we live where fishing boats dock.**

*She is !

**This post was oiginally written in Diaro and then shared via the WordPress App. This Android life can get very complicated.

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