Technology – Bah ! Humbug !

Ain’t it wonderful when you have a programme on your computer and then install its counterpart on a mobile phone and/or tablet ?

“Synchronise now” it shouts. So you dig into your password manager to find what you used when you signed up in the first place, type in the email – not too bad, I can remember that – then it wants your password . . .


Now type that in to your mobile phone or tablet one character at a time, if you can find them all.

Great innit ?

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Born 9 December 1933. Former Royal Air Force person. Retired Church of England Clergyman. Father. Grandfather, and now, Great Grandfather. Citizen of "Nowhere" acccording to my Prime Minister. Citizen of Europe according to me. Fervent Remainer. Thinks that Members of Parliament and especially Ministers of the Crown, who lie to Parliament should be barred from any sort of public office until a public recantation - three shots, then out for life.
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