Christmas Eve 2018

Christmas Eve 2018 dawned with a hard frost, bright sunshine and blue skies. The sun of course rose in the south east, and set in the south west and was in our eyes for much of the time. We attempted some photos, with varying degrees of success, but it was a fun day out, and all the better for being unexpected.

  1. Kirkcudbright – the marina.
  2. Kirkcudbright – the Dhoon.
  3. Brighouse Bay.
  4. Brighouse Bay.
  5. Silly old man paddling.
  6. Brighouse Bay – sedimentary rock tilted to near vertical.
  7. Kirkcudbright Bay – near Mutehill.
  8. Kirkcudbright Bay – near Mutehill.
  9. Kirkcudbright Bay – near Mutehill, and time to go home.

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