Here we go again . . . :-(

Yesterday I dug out a laptop that has been little used for most of the last year and totally unused since the fiasco of the Windows 1803 update.  The update failed completely on said machine, so having had enough trouble on my main laptop I put this other one to one side, and left it. Now we are told another earthquake bomb is to be dropped on us by Microsoft, so it seemed a good idea to resuscitate this other machine and get it up to date.

Ha !

The process started yesterday very slowly and was left to carry on overnight. Today we needed to go out. What to do ? Stop everything ? Or let it carry on, explode, and burn the house down ? Rightly or wrongly, the latter course was chosen and the house is still in one piece.

When we arrived home and had got the car unloaded this is what was found . . .

3.16 pm on 4th October 2018., 68 percent.

The slow process continued as you can see . . .

4.58 pm on 4th October 2018. 82 percent.

At this point various web searches were done and all sorts of “helpful” suggestions made which would have been splendid for a well qualified engineer, but for the ordinary user were of no use whatsoever. The most helpful suggestion was to uninstall any 3rd party security soft ware altogether. I had started off by disabling ours, but these updates require many restarts and when that happens the security suite also restarts. So after uninstalling Norton this is what was found . . .

5.16 pm – it starts all over again !

The troubleshooter was run but did not produce anything very helpful, so the machine is now undergoing a complete reinstall of Windows 10 and is restarting itself, “Resetting this PC2, “Refreshing your device 1%”, and . . .

Watch this space.  We’ll keep you posted . . .

Monday, 8th October 2018.

Well, finally we got there. After starting the reinstall (see above) a message appeared at some stage saying, ” . . . may take 20 minutes or longer . . . “.  This might be true if one was prepared to sit and watch the endless process work its way through, so it meant another night of leaving the laptop ticking, and then catching up with the same updates and more besides that brought up the whole problem to start with. However, all is now done and the laptop is working OK.

But is this going to be the drill every time Microsoft produces one of its major rejigs ? Can Windows survive if users are treated like this ?

Wednesday, 10th October 2018.

And now, we read that Microsoft’s latest effort (update 1809) has caused sufficient and serious problems that its roll out has been stopped until it is examined and fixed. Will Microsoft reimburse peple whose computers have had material expunged ? Is Microsoft fit for purpose ?

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