Go Kingston !

New Toy.

With the aid of Mr Memory, a firm I would recommend, (disclaimer : no connection, just a satisfied customer) this laptop on which I two fingeredly type has recently had its RAM doubled.  Flushed with this success, and urged on by articles in Computeractive magazine, it seemed like time to replace the hard drive with an SSD.  This was made by Kingston Technology and supplied by Mr Memory as a complete upgrade kit and the job began. One is given a coupon and code to download Acronis True Image, a programme I have never used, and the biggest brain teaser was that of finding out how that software worked. But once a little bit more confident it proved very straightforward to clone the existing hard drive to the SSD and surprisingly easy to get the old drive out and the new one into its place. It was somewhat nerve wracking to switch on once the job was done, and apart from a few unexpected message windows which seemed to be about something entirely different it was quite astonishing that everything fired up so speedily.

So, if this old gent can do it, you can too !

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