How high is a Basecamp ?

Today we went off to explore the Laggan Outdoor Centre recently (to us anyway) as a reward for having our feet refitted at the podiatrist’s.  The entry is on the A75, but once in there is quite a long winding drive up the hill to find the cafe somewhat puzzingly called the Basecamp. We had been warned hat we might find the final stage on foot too much for us. But you only live once, so on we went. The car park is high up and gives good views of Wigtown Bay and the Isle of Man. But there was indeed as promised, a steep climb up a horseshoe path to the summit. To oldies like us the climb looked forbidding, but the descent looked even more problematic as old legs aren’t very good at braking.

Nevertheless, we attempted the ascent and, without sherpas, succeeded. We had a simple lunch and sat and admired the views – fortunately it was a sunny day as if it had been otherwise we should have had to attempt the climb again on another day.

Wigtown Bay
The Isle of Man lurks behind a piece of equipment.

A compromise exposurewise to give some idea of the cafe interior without losing the view.

We did accomplish the descent without any accidents and returned home undamaged.

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