Fake News, or, Two Sides of the Same Question . . .

We need to dump some cardboard at our local waste recycling centre – but – we need to be quick because on the Council website there is this . . .




Customer Notice

Threatened suspension of Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

At this time Renewi UK Services Limited has threatened to suspend services from 3rd August 2018. Renewi operate 11 Household Waste Recycling Centres in Dumfries and Galloway:

Annandale and Eskdale – Beattock HWRC, Lockerbie HWRC and Annan HWRC
Nithsdale – Lochar Moss HWRC, Lincluden HWRC, Gatelawbridge HWRC and Sanquhar HWRC
Stewartry – Castle Douglas HWRC and Dalbeattie HWRC
Wigtown area – Whithorn HWRC and Galdenoch HWRC.

It is not clear whether this threat by Renewi UK Services Limited to suspend services will materialise. The Council will advise on its contingency arrangements in the coming weeks through our Social media, our website and the local press – should it be apparent that the threat will be carried out.

This does not affect Newton Stewart HWRC or Stranraer HWRC as these two sites are directly operated by the Council.

Notice that this is a “threat” by the company, hereinafter called “Renewi”, that currently holds the recycling contract.

But, we now go to the company’s website to see if we can glean anymore information . . .

Renewi To Exit From Its Dumfries And Galloway Operating Contract
Posted on 9 March 2018 by Darrel Moore

Renewi plc, the international waste-to-product business, today announces that it is in discussions with Dumfries and Galloway (“D&G”) Council and other stakeholders to initiate the termination of its loss-making PFI operating contract.

The D&G PFI project is unable to address the needs of Zero Waste Scotland (“ZWS”) legislation that sets demanding new requirements regarding landfill diversion and recycling from 2021.

Renewi has been working with D&G Council and other stakeholders for a number of years to determine how this 15-year-old PFI waste project and the related operating contract could be amended to meet the requirements of ZWS. However, despite these discussions, a workable solution compliant with ZWS has not been found.

“Terminating the operating contract is not a decision we have taken lightly and we will work with D&G Council, our employees and our other stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition.”

Accordingly, Renewi has initiated a termination of the operating contract, which is held between Renewi UK Services Ltd and Shanks Dumfries & Galloway Limited. It will enable D&G Council and other stakeholders to explore new ways to comply with the obligations of ZWS. The proposed termination of the operating contract is expected to become effective in the next financial year.

The remainder of Renewi’s Municipal Division is unaffected by this termination. As previously announced, the Division is performing largely in line with revised expectations for the year, delivering operational progress against its recovery plans.

Commenting on this decision, James Priestley, managing director of Renewi’s Municipal Division said: “Regrettably, the D&G PFI project and Renewi’s operating contract do not currently meet the objectives of the new Zero Waste Scotland legislation.

“Terminating the operating contract is not a decision we have taken lightly and we will work with D&G Council, our employees and our other stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition.

“Whilst our termination discussions are taking place, we will continue to ensure a high-quality and efficient service to the Council and the residents of Dumfries and Galloway. This decisive action is in line with our strategy to actively manage our portfolio of UK assets to reduce future risk.” *

So, it turns out that this has been known about since the 9th March 2018 and that the discussions have been going on for 15 years !

It would seem that the desirable aim of recycling everything into something useful is either unachievable, or only achievable at some cost which the Council is unwilling or unable to pay.  Given that the Government has been pursuing a relentless policy of cutting back on the central Government grant paid to Councils alongside the collected Council tax I suspect the Council simply has not got the money at its disposal to get anywhere near this Zero Waste Scotland target.

And they all lived happily ever after . . . 1st August 2018

We read today on Facebook that the waste collection centres in Dumfries and Galloway plus the household collections (no mention of those hitherto so far as I am aware !) are to continue “as normal”.

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