If Disaster Strikes . . . or, “Be Prepared”

Getting Ready Together

Getting Ready Together

Back in 1938, 1939, with war most definitely on the horizon the Government set about preparing the nation for the worst. Today, as the prospect of a clean break with the European Union and its institutions and laws faces us the Government is slowly beginning to face its responsibilities, sharp as a door knob, faint but pursuing, it begins to wonder what sort of a mess it may have created out of its desire to create messes.

There is little the ordinary citizen can do except to try not to die.  In occasional tweets we read of folks saying that they are already stockpiling food, and the Government has leaked that it also is stockpiling – food, and medicines.  Next month it seems we are to be battered with all sorts of warning notices as what should have been thought of two or more years ago is dumped on us in one great steaming pile.

James Patrick, who writes on Twitter, has written a useful pamphlet which sets out some of the things we might do for ourselves before the end of March 2019 to mitigate the unpleasantness the Brexiteers might bring upon us. There is a screenshot of part of the front page above, and the document itself in pdf format can be found here or downloaded from the link below :


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