Success !

After yesterday’s debacle it was back to the internetweb for further consultation using the new error code offered by the last failure. The general consensus seemed to be as follows :

1. Delete the entire ontents of the Software Downloads Folder. Some said delete the whole folder, some said don’t delete the folder. Very helpful !

2. Do the above deleting with the computer running in safe mode.

3. Switch off or disable your security programme.  Nice !

So, first of all it was how on earth do you get into safe mode now that tapping F8 on start up no longer works ? Found that out OK. Next how do I switch off the security suite ? Lots of information about what you should be doing to be safe, but very little about how to disable the thing.

Eventually, running in safe mode the the Software Downloads folder was emptied an the laptop restarted. Then with the security suite disabled the download process was attempted once again. At this point I left the room as watching a Windows laptop downloading a large bunch of files is like watching paint dry. At 10.00 pm I checked in and it said the download was ready to install, so once again, with small hope of success the install was commenced at 10.05 pm. Once again it stuck at 8%, but by 10.32 pm it had crept up to 19% and I left it to its own devices. Checking again at 12.02 am it had reached 97% – Wow ! – but showing no sign of further improvement I left the thing and went to bed.

By this morning, about 8.30 am it was showing that it was awaiting a restart. This done I found myself very crossly being made to tick all sort of things I disagreed with which broadly speaking mean that I think I have sold my soul to Messrs Microsoft.

But the wretched thing now works and we await the next major update for the joy of doing this all over again.

But, looking on the bright side at least this one did not trash the computer, and it only took 4 days !

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