The State We’re In . . .

“It does not contain any requirement for the UK Government to
implement the results of the referendum, nor set a time limit by which a
vote to leave the EU should be implemented. Instead, this is a type of
referendum known as pre-legislative or consultative, which enables the
electorate to voice an opinion which then influences the Government in
its policy decisions.”

 The image above and the extract from it below, coloured red, are from the briefing notes issued by the House of Commons library in June 2015, a whole year before the awful EU Referendum. So, you would think that MPs would have had a good long time in which to digest the information about what they were to inflict on an unsuspecting public.  Whether they did or not of course, (or took any notice at all) we have no means of knowing, but it is a simple plain fact that the main stream media (BBC included), the Prime Minister, Government Ministers, Brexit Twitters et al, persistently refer to the referendum as a “vote” and say that because 52% of the voters said “Leave” as against 48% who said “Remain”, and applying the “first past the post” way of thinking, it was an undoubted win for “Leave”, the matter is finished, settled and closed, and we must all get on with it. Mrs May loves to refer to this as the “Will of the People” and says the “the Nation” has decided.

The Electorate, knowingly or unknowingly, did what was required of it and showed that amongst those who actually voted opinion was pretty evenly divided (with a bias towards leave). And further thought (there did not appear to be ANY thought) would have made clear that the total number of voters was only about half (51%) of the total population, thus raising the question, “what do the other 49% think ?”  And, even further reflection might have brought the realisation that if 16,141,241 people said they wanted to remain they counteract 16,141,241 people who said that they wanted to leave.  So the actual majority in favour of leave was really 1,269,501 people, about 2% of the population. And on the strength of this the “economical with the truth” brigade proceed to rip us out of the best thing to have happened to us since 1914.

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