You just don’t know what to expect . . .

Some time ago – last April to be exact – our Dentist found a coloured patch in the roof of my mouth and referred me to the local hospital for it to be examined. The hospital in question, Darlington Memorial Hospital, did not contact us, when we telephoned them they knew nothing about my case, and the Dental Surgery also failed to get any useful response out of them.

We moved house – but not because of this ! – registered with the local dental surgery and explained all the sad story above, and guess what ? – they said they would refer me to the local hospital – in this case the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. This time, results ! I attended the RI at its old site and saw a Mr Bell who arranged another visit, – x-ray first and then himself – this time at the brand spanking new infirmary building at Cargenbridge. This all happened as planned, it was decided that there was nothing amiss and that was that . . . except . . .

. . . that at the first visit, Mr Bell also spent some time, not looking at my purple patch but examining my nose and the skin of my head, and was obviously not happy about what he saw, or thought he saw. So today I pitched up at the RI yet again and was seen by a Dermatologist, Mr Malone, who photographed my head with his iPad in order to show me what I could not see !  In short order, I had a something removed from by my left ear, and something else dug out of my nose – the latter to go off to be examined – a “plug biopsy” I think it was called. I now have a fine collection of stitches which are to be removed next Friday by our local Practice Nurse, and then we await the result of the biopsy, and I really have no idea when he said that might be.

So, we came back home via the Loch Arthur Farm Shop, where we lunched modestly, and spent an inordinate amount of money, immodestly.

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