The NHS comes up trumps again . . .

Off to the erstwhile Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, now renamed the Mountainhall Treatment Centre, for a visit to the Audiology Department brought about by our move to Scotland.  The first thing we noticed was that there were plenty of empty spaces in the car park. And as we followed the signs to “Bay 1” there were very few people about and no one at all in the waiting area so we pitched up at the Audiology Reception window.  We had a short wait and were then ushered into a treatment room where a very nice person extracted the whole story of my hearing loss and ear troubles since childhood, gave me a hearing test, and said I would be issued with a new hearing aid, and that I might hear from them again in about 6 weeks !  A quite unexpected happenstance.

The hearing test was done by inserting wee tubes into my ear passages, not by using earphones as in the past.

This done, we reverted to daily living and braving the Dumfries end of the working day traffic, made our way to the big ALDI store, and partook of its wonders. Once home and unloaded we dined on House Special Chow Mein from the Canton House takeaway.

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